Vom Mittelmaß zur EXZELLENZ

Hoeffingersolutions develops together with the Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) in Vorarlberg a new industrial strategy with three focus areas - V INNOVATIVE, V INTELLIGENT, V CONNECTED - for Vorarlberg.


Lakeside Economics III - Evaluating leading Lake Destinations

Höffinger Solutions undertakes for the third time a profound study on ten important lake destinations incorporating important dimensions such as jobs, visitors and demography. The study is published in the course of summer 2015.


Benchmark Denmark

The Danes are measured as the happiest people in the world. It is ,however, not only the „soft facts“ that characterize this Nordic country with around five million inhabitants: Denmark hosts top innovative companies and is world champion in areas such as Worker motivation, Skilled labor, Shareholders' rights, Competition legislation, Justice, Political Stability and Public expenditures on health (according to IMD). Hoeffinger Solutions examine why – and how Denmark can be a role model for other developped countries and economies.


Airport Developments: New Business Models – B2C and B2B

Airports occupy strategic positions in the transportation networks of all countries and regions. As air travel continues to expand worldwide faster than the real growth rate of the economy as a whole, the airports which are the points of contact between this travel and the rest of the economy play an ever more important role in fostering growth and development in the surrounding regions that they serve.